About the company

Ctrl IT Ltd was created by Tony Myers in 2014. Computing was a hobby of mine since my early teens. Starting with pulling apart and reconstructing computers. Once I mastered this, I began creating software programmes to improve on existing available software.

I have worked within the business and education sectors, using my passion to facilitate positive change for my clients. In an ever-developing world of technology, I continue to extend my knowledge and skills with the same passion I had as a beginner in this industry.

Our vision and future goals are to demystify the setup and implementation of IT for our clients, so that they can concentrate on what they do best, letting Ctrl IT do what we do best.

We want to work alongside our clients to ensure positive outcomes, valuing each client’s individual needs, and building their online presence to increase business in a reliable and sustainable format.

Our goal is to provide on-going support and advice to existing clients, informing them of any new developments which may enhance their existing systems. Our team is constantly researching and evaluating new and innovative ways of adapting current arrangements to ensure our clients are able to make informed choices about any changes they may desire.